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      Home > FAQ

      1.What are your Key Therapeutic Areas?

      We’re focusing on Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, CNS and Anesthesia areas.

      2.What's your Quality & Certificates?

      1. A leading API manufacturers in China with proven quality management
      2. Good implementation of ICH guideline and other related guidelines
      3. Approved by China FDA, Japan PMDA, Korea MFDS and WHO, while USFDA, EU Authority and Cofepris etc.are ongoing
      4. APIs with high quality and price competitiveness are sold to more than 200 customers in 25 countries
      5. Responsible EHS concept as well as comprehensive QMS

      3.What markets are you promoting?

      We’re selling our products to US, EU (like Germany, Spain, Holland, and Slovenia, etc), Latam (Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, etc), Asian (Japan, Korea, India, etc), Middle East (Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia), African (Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, etc) markets. And we’ve been doing our best to promote in more emerging markets by offering our improving service to customers.

      4.What are we interested in?

      1. Commercialization /Distribution Partner of our products for accessing your market
      2. CMO
      3. Out-Licensing
      4. Supply of Generic APIs & Formulations
      5. License in /Partnership/ Tech-Transfer on Unique & Innovative Technology / Product
      6. Registration / Commercialization / Distribution of your products in China market

      5.What’s your R&D advantage?

      We have a well-educated team with hundreds of R&D talents. With persevering efforts of our Post-Doctoral Research Center and several overseas partners, we’re initiating 5-10 new projects / products every year.

      6.What do you think about Environmental Sustainability?

      We realize that pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to use resources wisely and improve our facilities and efforts continuously. We’re handling our wastes in a compliant manner, to excel in an increasingly resource-constrained world, and serve the global patients with a long-term and stable supply.